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BioReCer - Levels of Interaction

What is the BRSP

BioReCer constitutes an entity of partners with very different profiles and aims at including stakeholders with an even wider spectrum of expertise to fulfil the project’s goals.
This will be done by creating a BioResources Stakeholders Platform (BRSP) as a mobilisation and networking tool through participatory group activities both in person and on a digital level via BIT.

What are the tasks?

The participatory groups will discuss the applicability of the proposed models and methodologies according to stakeholder preferences, as well as considering consumer behaviour and perception. The feedback provided by the wide BRSP network will be included in the multi-dimensional assessment framework and will be used for updating BIT.

Furthermore, expert groups for certification, standardisation, sustainability fields and consumer perception will be formed and integrated in BRIE-LL. Within the BRIE-LL, the BRSP will also serve as an essential channel for the validation and testing of the BioReCer methodologies in the four European case studies.

What are the goals?

Within BioReCer, the BRSP will act as a consultation body and will actively participate in the development of guidelines and standards for the criteria that need to be considered in bio-based certification schemes, considering regulatory, trade and social aspects.
Ultimately, BRSP jointly with the BIT will support stakeholders in their selection of optimal alternatives to establish circular bio-based systems reversing climate change, restoring biodiversity and protecting air, soil and water quality, within the EU and across borders.

Who should participate?

Everybody from the bio-based and waste sector, everyone directly concerned with certification schemes and standards, any player in bio-based value-chains, as well as scientists, end-users and special interest groups are invited to join this network of pioneers.

BIORECER is especially interested in experts from the following stakeholder groups:

Producers and processors of bio-based feedstock
Bio-based industries and industrial clusters
Traders and end-users
Standardisation and certification bodies
Scientific community
Policy makers (e.g. NGOs, governmental bodies)List item
Consumer organisations

If you consider yourself the right person or organisation to bring BIORECER to the next level, then become a member of the BRSP!

Planned participatory group activities

Annual meetings

The entire group of stakeholders per region will be invited to interactive sessions where participants will present the overall project achievements. In these meetings, stakeholders will follow the work in progress and monitor how their input has been incorporated into the project development.

Training sessions and workshops

Workshops for training actions as well as user testings will be carried out to improve the understanding of the assessment framework and to validate BIT application.

Brainstorming sessions

Participative and dynamic brainstorming sessions will be carried out to assess the new indicators of environmental sustainability.